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Kristi Johnting
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Created: Oct 7, 2009
Updated: Aug 16, 2013
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Welcome to my Page!
I am hoping that this web page will be a great way for parents to stay connected to our classroom.  I am still learning how to manage the page, so please be patient.  If you have any suggestions or comments of information that would be helpful, please send an e-mail.  Remember to check out the following pages:

How to help at home
Language Arts
Math Corner

Johnting's Weekly Schedule
Special Area Class
Tuesday---2:05-2:50---Computer Lab
Classroom Schedule
8:00-9:00         Announcements, attendance, circle time, math meeting, poetry chart, morning message.
9:00-9:05         Restroom break
9:05-9:45         First semester-Work on letters and sounds and predictable charts. 
                        Second semester-sight words and predictable charts
9:45-10:30       Rigby reading and language art lesson
10:30-11:00     Guided reading/independent learning centers           
11:00-11:10    Restroom break, prepare for lunch.
11:12               Lunch- right line
12:05               Pick students up from recess
12:05-12:10     Restroom break
12:10-12:30     Read aloud
12:30-12:40     Rest time
12:40-1:00       First semester- Work on address, b-day, shapes, colors, phone number, ABC’s.
                        Second semester-Spelling
** Some days we will also have Science and Social Studies lesson during this time.
1:00-2:00         Math lesson
2:00-2:05         Restroom break
2:05-2:45         Specials
On Monday we will work on Science and S.S. between 2:05-2:45.

Kindergarten Fun

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