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Welcome to my Page!
How exciting that you will be able to access information about our class through this website.  Please know that it is a work in progress and I am learning just as you are learning. 
General Information about our class.

We have 24 students.  There are 11 boys and 13 girls.  If you would like to send in treats for class parties or birthday parties they would be greatly appreciated.  With parental permission, I would like to inform you that we do not have any allergies that would cause us to be limited on our treats. Do not feel obligated to send in treats, we will celebrate with or without treats.
Weekly Agenda
Weekly Special Area Class Schedule
Monday   P.E. 10:40-11:30
Tuesday   Art 10:40-11:30
Wednesday  Computer 9:50-10:40
Thursday   Music 9:50-10:40
Friday   Library 9:35-10:05 

Fun Friday

You will hear your students talk about Fun Friday. 
Fun Friday is a time from 2:00-3:00 for students to have free time.  The criteria are

  • Work has been turned in on time.
  • Students have shown appropriate behavior all week.
Subject Pages

As you explore my web page, you will notice a page for each subject.  I am attaching the Indiana Core Standards to each subject page.  If you would like to see the standards in depth please follow the link on this page to the Department of Education.  These will help you know what will be expected of your child in fourth grade.  I also write our "We Can" statements from these standards.

We have one rule. Respect yourself and others! The students decided on this one rule.  

Consequences for not following this rule were also decided by the students.  Consequences are as follows and may be given in any order based on the offense.

Lose 10 minutes of recess

Lose all recess

Note sent home to be signed

Visit the office

Time in the RAP room

Meet our class!
Contact Me!

Created: Oct 7, 2009
Updated: Oct 5, 2014
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