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Welcome to Art!
Welcome to Art Class! Students visit me once a week for 55 minutes. During that time we are busy looking at art, talking about art and creating art! We learn about the Elements and Principles of Art, as well as, many famous Artists. Each grade level creates multiple masterpieces that are displayed in the hallway throughout the year. In the spring, we have an Art Show to show off all of our amazing talent! At the end of the year, students make an art portfolio to keep and remember all of their artwork from the school year. We are looking forward to a great year!
Weekly Schedule
Egg Cartons!

Hello! We are currently collecting empty styrofoam egg cartons to use at paint trays! Please send any that you have and save new ones! Thanks!

8:15-9:10        6th grade  Ms. Fodrea
9:10-9:45        Literacy Groups
9:45-10:40      5th grade  Mrs. Moore
10:45-11:40    4th grade  Mrs. Adams
11:40-12:15    LUNCH
12:15-1:10      1st grade   Mrs. Day
1:10-2:05        2nd grade  Mrs. Duning
2:05-2:50        Prep
8:15-9:10        6th grade    Mrs. Dubach
9:15-9:45        Literacy Groups
9:45-10:40      5th grade         Mr. Curtis
10:45-11:40   4th grade         Mrs. McNew
11:40-12:15    LUNCH
12:15-1:10      prep
1:10-2:05        2nd grade         Mrs. Tudor
2:05-2:50        Kindergarten    Mrs. Auman

8:15-9:10    6th grade   Mrs. Breitenbach

9:15-9:45     Literacy Groups

9:45-10:40   4th grade  Mrs. Gross

10:45-11:40  3rd grade  Ms. Fultz

11:40-12:15    LUNCH

12:15-1:10  Prep

1:10-2:05    Prep

2:05-2:50  Kindergarten   Ms. Cooper


8:15-9:10      Prep

9:15-9:45      Literacy Groups

9:45-10:40     5th grade    Mrs. Richmond

10:45-11:40   3rd grade   Mrs. Wiley

11:40-12:15     LUNCH

12:15-1:10      1st grade    Mrs. Puckett

1:10-2:05         1st/2nd grade  Mrs. Breitenbach

2:05-2:50         Kindergarten    Mrs. Johnting 


8:15-9:10       6th grade    Mrs. VanPelt

9:15-9:45       Prep

9:45-10:40     5th grade    Mrs. Huffman

10:45-11:40    3rd grade    Mrs. Brotz

11:40-12:15     LUNCH

12:15-1:10      1st grade     Mrs. Showalter

1:10-2:05        2nd grade    Miss Vogelgesang

2:05-2:50         Prep

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