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Ms. Crowe's Classroom Info Blog


As a reminder, report cards will be going home tomorrow afternoon.  If you have access to the internet and the school has your email address, your child's report card will also be emailed to you.  As always, if you have a question or concern, feel free to email or call me.

For your information, Scholastic book orders are being sent home today.  If your family would like to place an order, money and order form are due by Friday, January 21st, 2011.
Mobile dentist forms are also being sent home this week (along with a toothrush for your child's pearly whites).  The mobile dentist will be visiting our school on January 12th.  If you would like to sign your child up to participate in the mobile dentist program, the enrollment form is due back by Friday, January 7th.

Big News

Since I told all of 6th grade today, I felt like I should also go viral with the following news:
I, Mrs. A. Breitenbach, am pregnant!!!!....Yes...Pregnant!  I am about 12 weeks and my due date is set for June 30th.

The students were very excited and supportive after hearing the news.  I let them know that I would not be having the baby until summer, so I would not have to miss out on any time with them in the spring.

I felt like, while this was happy information to share, it was also important to let you know so that you stay informed too!


Our homeroom will go to Secret Santa Shop on the afternoon of Monday, December 13th.  If your child brings money, he/she will have the opportunity to check out the products and shop.  If your child happens to forget money on Monday, there will be a second buying opportunity for students on Wednesday, December 15th.


Hello!  What a busy school year it has been so far!  As we near winter break, I wanted you to be aware of the way 6th grade handles winter parties.  In celebration of the holiday season, we will have our winter party on the afternoon of Friday, December 17th.  We will have a buffet style snack bar and the students will have a choice of two movies to view. 

To ensure that we are providing snacks for everyone, each homeroom is in charge of providing one type of item for all of 6th grade.  Our homeroom is responsible for cookies!  Yum!  Since we need enough for ALL 6th grade students, any family willing to buy a pre-packaged container of cookies is greatly appreciated. 
Please send any and all cookies bought for our holiday party by Thursday, December 16th.  As always, thank you so much for your participation and support!


Hello and happy Wednesday!

I am going to try to post important information for the week on this blog as a way to keep you informed.  If you have any questions about the post or the information given, feel free to comment on the post or email me!

This week's FYI's:

Scholastic book orders for September are due Friday, September 25th.  They usually have a great turn around time so you can expect books sometime next week if your child is placing an order.

Also, thanks to a literacy partnership that Sunny D has developed, we have begun collecting Sunny D labels in our classroom.  If we submit 20 labels, we will get 20 free books for our homeroom classroom!!!  Your child can bring in labels from now until November 30th. 

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