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Healthy Bodies!
Healthy Eyes!

Healthy eyes are important!


Dr. Cates will do an eye test for all kindergarten students at Kindergarten Roundup.


Dr. Cates will also do an eye test for all 1st grade students in September.


Mrs. Carter will do eye tests for all 3rd and 5th grade students. She will also check any other student if you contact her.


If you child does not pass the eye test, you will get a letter telling you the results.  You should make an eye doctor appointment for your child.  Take the letter with you to the appointment.  The doctor will fill out the bottom part.  Send it back to school and give it to Mrs. Carter.


If you need help paying for the eye doctor appointment or glasses, please contact Mrs. Carter.  We have some ways we may be able to help you.

Healthy Ears!

Our Speech staff will do a hearing test on all 1st and 4th grade students and all students new to NES!

Healthy Teeth!

The Smiles Program is coming to NES on September 19, 2017.  A dentist will check your child’s mouth and teeth and do dental cleaning and fluoride.  X-rays and sealants may be done if needed. Students will receive a FREE toothbrush!  To learn more, click here


If your child has Medicaid or Hoosier Healthwise it is free!  You can also use private dental insurance or pay by check.


Return the Permission forms to Mrs. Carter, by September 1, 2017!  

Strong Backs!

School nurses are no longer required to check for scoliosis (crooked back). Please talk to your doctor or Mrs. Carter if you have concerns about your child.

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Terri Carter, RN
Ext. 824

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Updated: Jul 27, 2017
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